Friday, 1 June 2012

ajay devgan workouts and diet secrets

looking for a good body like ajay devgan

Workouts Routines

Ajay started following a concentrated workout schedule. It consisted of an hour and 15 minutes of pure weight training which was followed by cardio. In the one hour of weight training, Ajay normally didn't take any rest. He did all his cardio by himself though his trainer Vakil was by his side during the workout session and also did workout along with him.
“I wanted him to look like John Travolta or Kurt Russel," his trainer was quoted as saying.
While Devgan was clear that he was looking for a six-pack, he and his trainer realised that they should not in a hurry for that. They felt that anybody can get six-pack abs by not eating, doing lots of cardio and other things but the duo appreciated that it's more important to get a completely toned physical shape, good arms, chest, shoulders and then, the six-pack abs. Ajay was more focused on getting a solid muscular lean look where the whole is better than the parts

 Dieting Routines
Ajay has a low carb diet in evenings and he compensates by loading up on carbs after workouts. Though he is not a big foodie, every week he is allowed to have a cheat day where he can eat all that he loves, even coke and French fries.
However, his new trainer Prashant made a strict diet plan to make sure that Ajay Devgan maintained a high-protein, low carb diet to get the desired macho look. Since Ajay Devgan was already very fond of fitness, coupled with the fact that he had a great physique, it was not at all a big effort to get him into shape for Singham. Add to the fact that Ajay followed his diet to the point, it really wasn’t a headache at all.

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